Bizo Technology Overview

The world’s most sophisticated B2B online marketing platform.

A Look Inside the Bizo Marketing Platform.

B2B marketing is different: Sales cycles are longer, and decisions are more complex than most consumer marketing.  Bizo's B2B marketing platform has been developed to meet the specific needs of B2B marketers and to enable them to reach target prospects wherever they travel online, and at every stage of an often long and complex B2B purchase process.

The Bizo Platform includes three primary components:


Audience Data

B2B Advertising Solutions

Data Solutions

Bizo Audience Data: At its core, the Platform is fueled by Bizo’s proprietary audience of more than 120 million business professionals around the world, including 90% of the U.S. business population, which enables a wide range of targeted marketing programs geared to make an impact across the B2B marketing funnel for Bizo’s direct clients, as well as Bizo’s channel partners.

Leveraging Bizo’s targetable audience data, the Bizo platform includes a range of packaged multi-channel and full-funnel marketing solutions that are fully-supported by Bizo’s team of B2B experts and include out-of-the box full-funnel analytics reports and dashboards that give complete visibility into program performance.   

Brands use Bizo Data Solutions to tap into Bizo’s audience data to fuel and get more value out of their existing programs and “marketing technology stack.”  Through integration with existing CRM, marketing automation, web analytics, content management, and other external data management platforms, Bizo is enabling a broad range of applications for B2B brands from synchronized media targeting to web analytics to search targeting to website personalization. 


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