Targeted Online Display Advertising

Reach the exact audiences that matter, and get them ready to buy.

Growing your sales pipeline starts with finding the right prospects, and making sure they’re aware of your brand, products, and services early on in the buying process, and at every step leading up to a purchase. This is where targeted display advertising comes in.

Use Targeted Display Advertising Campaigns to Get to the Right People

It all starts with getting your brand in front of your ideal prospects. Only Bizo has access to an audience of more than 120 million business professionals around the world, including 90 percent of the U.S. business population. Bizo Targeted Display Advertising uses precise, business demographic targeting (e.g. targeting by segments including job function, industry, title, etc.) to ensure that your display ads show only to the people that matter to your business—eliminating wasted marketing spend. 

To complement your targeted display advertising efforts, Bizo Company Targeting enables you run display ad campaigns against specific target or strategic accounts you’re after, and Video Targeting through Bizo helps you engage the right audiences with high-quality video content.


Targeted display advertising through Bizo is unique in that we’re able to use it to drive success at every stage of the marketing funnel with the business audience we choose.
— Michelle Carranza, online advertising manager, Zendesk

6 Steps to Running a Killer B2B Display Advertising Campaign

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Bizo Company Targeting

Learn how to use display advertising to reach specific target accounts.


Video Targeting through Bizo

Learn more about how video advertising works with Bizo.



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