Social Advertising

Take your brand beyond followers and “likes” with B2B social ad targeting.

It’s no secret that business professionals are active on social networks during much of the workday. Instead of relying solely on status updates to reach your target prospects, incorporate social advertising into your marketing mix to boost engagement and conversions.

Reach Only the Business Audiences You Want on Social Networks


Much like targeted display advertising, Bizo's social ad targeting lets you reach audiences by title, seniority, industry, company size, and more, combining the scale of leading social networks with the precision targeting and expertise of Bizo. 

As we recently announced, Bizo is now part of LinkedIn! We are very excited about the opportunities that arise by combining the Bizo Marketing Platform with LinkedIn’s global professional network.  Learn more about LinkedIn’s suite of marketing solutions.

Facebook Ads through Bizo uses the Facebook Exchange (FBX) to combine Bizo’s business audience data with Facebook’s incredible scale. Reach your valuable business audiences through both sidebar and News Feed inventory on Facebook to drive higher engagement from the audiences that matter most.

In just one year, we’ve become a leading brand in our space, and Bizo has been a key contributor to our success – getting MyCase visibility with the right people at the right time.
— Sarah Bottorff, Director of Marketing, MyCase

Social Media Advertising for B2B

Take a deep dive into the world of social advertising for B2B marketers.


Facebook Ads through Bizo

Use Facebook Ads to reach precise business audiences.


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