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We help B2B publishers maximize audience value, both on- and off-site.


Join our network of top B2B publishers who have already turned to Bizo to better monetize their audiences both on- and off-site through Bizo’s publisher programs. As a publisher, you know your audiences are valuable. Bizo can help take your digital strategy to the next level so you can improve audience monetization, generate new revenue streams, and create value in entirely new ways for your advertising clients in the process.

Bizo Publisher Program

Become a Bizo Inventory Provider and Make “Remnant” Inventory a Thing of the Past

The Bizo Inventory Provider Program helps B2B publishers earn more for their unsold ad inventory. Since advertisers look to Bizo to target prospects by specific business demographics or "bizographics" (e.g., industry, job function, seniority, company size), we're able to sell your secondary ad inventory at 2-3x higher CPMs than anyone else. Ads delivered through the Bizo Marketing Platform are audience targeted, not site targeted. Therefore, the revenues you earn through Bizo are always incremental and non-competitive with your direct sales effort.

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Create a New Revenue Stream by Becoming a Bizo Data Provider

At the core of the Bizo Marketing Platform is online audience data—rich, anonymous business demographic data on over 120 million business professionals. Bizo Data Providers contribute non-personally identifiable information (non-PII) to Bizo and are paid a share of the advertising revenue whenever their non-PII data is used for business demographic targeting, creating new revenue streams for participating publishers.

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Bizo Channel Data Providers
Bizo Audience Data Analytics

Gain Deep Insight into the Business Demographics of Website Visitors

In addition to increased audience monetization, all publishers who are part of the Bizo ecosystem are given access to Bizo’s website audience analytics reporting which is a free component of Bizo's Full-Funnel Analytics. You can use these reports to:

  • Discover the business demographics of your website visitors including their industry, job function, seniority, company size, and location.
  • Gain insights into how key audiences navigate through the Web relative to your average visitors.
  • Identify trends in visitation from specific professional groups and index your audience against other B2B websites’ audiences.


Bizo has been BPA Worldwide Audited and Certified

Bizo is the only online business audience data provider to earn third-party certification.


Inventory Providers

Read about the ins-and-outs of Bizo's Inventory Provider Program.


Data Provider

Read more about becoming a Bizo Data Provider.


Bizo Insight Tags

Learn how the Bizo Insight Tag can help you learn more about your website audiences.


To learn more about Bizo’s publisher programs, contact tara@bizo.com.


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