Opt Out Online Ads

Say it ain't so :(

It seems as though you’re interested in opting out of your Bizo cookie. Before you go, can we offer up just a few reasons why you should keep your cookie around?

Reason #1:

You’re tired of getting online ads about the next Justin Bieber concert.

You are a business professional. And while there may be some small percentage of Justin Bieber-loving business professionals out there, you are probably not one of them. Keep your Bizo cookie up to date, and get ads from the companies and vendors that interest you.

Reason #2:

Your Bizo cookie can actually help you do your job better.

You’re a busy person with multiple responsibilities at work and at home. You may find yourself researching products or services to help you do your job better, give you more time to spend with your kids, or get you those few hours at the gym every week. Because of your busy schedule, you may get pulled away from researching these brands. With your Bizo cookie intact, you’ll see online ads from the companies offering products and services that can help you achieve your goals at work and at home, and not ads about, well, our friend Justin. 

Reason #3:

Keeping your Bizo cookie can benefit you as a content consumer.

We all love to consume great content from our favorite websites, and thanks to advertisers, many publishers are able to provide this content without a financial cost associated with it. Keeping your Bizo cookie supports this model and ensures that you can continue to access the same quality content at no cost.

Thanks for reading. We’d love to see you stay, but if you still want to opt out, you can do so here. 

(One more thing. Opting-out doesn’t mean you won't receive online advertising. However, because Bizo isn't able to uniquely identify your browser, you won’t receive ads that are tailored to your Web preferences and usage patterns.)


Bizo is now part of LinkedIn. If you are a LinkedIn member, you must opt out from your LinkedIn Privacy Settings here.  This will opt you out from Bizo and LinkedIn data collection and targeting cookies on any computers, mobile devices and browsers you use to visit third party sites, provided you have logged onto LinkedIn. 



 If you are not a LinkedIn member, you can still out from Bizo data collection and targeting cookies by clicking below.


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