B2B Full-Funnel Marketing Solutions

The beauty of targeted display and social advertising is its ability to make an impact at every stage of the buying process and shape your target prospects’ purchase decisions.

The Bizo Marketing Platform provides multi-channel marketing solutions and supports a “full-funnel” approach to B2B marketing. Build top-funnel awareness with your target audiences at scale, engage prospects mid-funnel through social channels and on your website, and ultimately drive more conversions and sales at the bottom of the B2B marketing funnel.

Put Your Brand in Front of the Right People

Use business demographic targeted display (e.g. targeting by job function, industry, title, seniority), company targeting, and video targeting to reach the audiences that matter to your business.

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Go Beyond "Likes" and Followers on Social Networks

Start driving engagement and conversions through paid social advertising on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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Get a Second Chance at Every Conversion

Use retargeting to convert prospects who have visited your website and nurture existing contacts in your CRM system.

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Nurture Prospects Across Channels Using Display & Social Ads

Use display and social advertising to extend the value of B2B nurturing beyond the inbox and get more out of your marketing automation system.

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Measure Your Impact Every Step of the Way

Move beyond “last-click” attribution into a world where you measure the value of your display and social advertising programs at every stage of the buyer’s journey through comprehensive, full-funnel analytics.

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Bizo Media Kit

Discover all the ways you can use Bizo to reach the right audiences.


Case Study

Learn how Zuora increases brand awareness, engagement, and generated leads with full-funnel display advertising.


Full Funnel B2B Display Advertising through Bizo

Full-Funnel B2B Display Advertising Through Bizo

Watch how you can turn more prospects into buyers with a full-funnel approach.

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