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We've thought it for a while, but the San Francisco Business Times made it official.

(By naming Bizo a Best Place to Work!)


We deliver Academy Award-worthy thank you’s and generously serve up congratulations on a regular basis.

(And on Fridays we serve up gourmet lunch too.)


We ask for help just as often as we offer it.

(And we might even help you fund your lifelong goal.)


We believe in spontaneous brainstorming sessions around the keg and the occasional office dance party.

(No one can resist our awesome in-house band.)

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We don’t limit ourselves or our vacation time.

(Our passports took us on 104 international trips last year.)


We encourage borderline bad jokes, excessive laughter, and hilarious company-wide emails.

(Often. Very often.)


We obsess over adhering to our tenets in everything we do.

(Be honest, be open, be trustworthy, and be fun.)


We kick butt at Jenga.

(Seriously, we’re super good.)


We live in 17 different states and work across 6 different timezones.

(Oh, and that one guy in Abu Dhabi.)


We reward brilliance, hard work, and superhuman drive with new and exciting challenges.

(Some even call them ridiculously exciting. We completely agree.)


We are just as obsessed with our teammates as we are with our 64 dogs and 26 cats.

(And our teammates are all a little ridiculous, but we like them that way.)

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We love the flexibility of mid-day basketball games, working from home, and new-parent-friendly schedules.

(We flex our muscles too; Bizonians collectively ran 24,336 miles in 2013!)


We trust each other and ourselves.

(It's that simple.)

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We are Bizonians.


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