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Quality business audience data fuels everything we do.

Only Bizo gives marketers access to more than 120 million business professionals around the globe, including more than 90% of the U.S. business population.  Through our extensive network of B2B publisher partners we’re able to gather non-personally identifiable (non-PII) business demographic or “bizographic” information on business audiences, and enable marketers to reach these professionals through highly targeted display and social advertising.

These are just a few of the targetable bizographic segments that Bizo tracks.

These are just a few of the targetable bizographic segments that Bizo tracks.

Access the largest audience of business decision makers and affluent consumers.


As a B2B marketer, you need to reach the influencers and decision makers that are impacting purchase decisions. Here are just a few of the high-value segments you can reach with Bizo's audience data:

  • 21.9M Executives and 5.4M C-Suite Execs 
  • 10.6M IT, 5.9M Finance, and 2.3M Marketing Professionals 
  • 7.6M Professionals in SMBs (21-500 person) and 2.4M in the Fortune 500 
  • 25.6M in Micro (1-20 person) companies

According to comScore's index, Bizo’s audience is also among the most highly desirable and motivated consumer segments online.

  • Bizo’s Sales audience is 520% more likely to visit hotel/resort related websites; Bizo’s Executive audience is 391% more likely to purchase computer hardware online; Bizo’s Marketing audience is 331% more likely to visit airline websites; Bizo’s High Net Worth audience is 164% more likely to visit car rental websites.

Whether you’re looking to target business decision makers or affluent consumers, reach them with precision based on our key targetable business demographic segments and rest assured that the business data you use has been BPA certified.

Here's a look at how Bizo gets its targetable business demographic data.

Bizo has built a business audience marketing platform designed to collect information from company databases, business registrations, and online profiles to provide standard mechanisms for anonymous business traffic measurement and targeting. Through this platform and its network of publisher sites across the web, Bizo provides access to the largest pool of targetable business audience data on the market today.

The Bizo Data Factory

Bizo collects business demographic or "bizographic" data on over 120 million business professionals and transforms it into targetable segments that marketers use to power their marketing programs.

  • Normalize Data number two

    We unlock our audience data by normalizing it into a format our systems can understand. We classify and validate the data with algorithms, and our engineers closely monitor the process to ensure data quality. Learn more >

  • Protect User Privacy number three

    Our process ensures complete user privacy. We transform the data into an anonymous Bizo cookie for use on our platform by removing any personally identifiable (PI) data.Learn more >

  • Fuel for Marketers number five

    The entire process takes milliseconds and gives marketers access to more than 90% of the U.S. business population.


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